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Daftar Unit Kompetensi

Kode Unit Unit Kompetensi
D2.TCC.CL.01 Work effetively with customers and colleagues.

D2.TCC.CL1.02 Work in a socially diverse environment

D2.TCC.CL1.03 Implement occupational health and safety procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.04 Follow safety and security procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.05 Communicate effectively onn the telephone

D2.TCC.CL1.06 Manage and resolve conflict situation

D2.TCC.CL1.07 Develop and update touriism induustry knowledge

D2.TCC.CL1.08 Promote product and services to customers

D2.TCC.CL1.09 Perform clerical procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.10 Acsess and retrieve computer-basid data

D2.TCC.CL1.11 Speak english at a basic operational level

D2.TCC.CL1.12 Prosess a financial transaction for services rendered

D2.TCC.CL1.13 Menggunakan alat bantu bisnis dan teknologi

D2.TCC.CL1.14 Melaksanakan tugas perlindungan anak yag relevan dengan

D2.TCC.CL1.15 Perform basic First Aid Procedures

D2.TCC.CL1.16 Mengemmbangkan industry yang aman bagi anak-anak

D2.TCS.CL5.14 Develop, manage and evaluate local marketing strategies

D2.TGA.CL6.04 Manage and monitor tourism programs and projects

D2.TTO.CL4.06 Mengembangkan, melaksanakan dan mengevaluasi rencana operasional

D2.TCS.CL5.17 Menerapkan dan memantau sistem dan prosedur manajemen acara

D2.TTA.CL2.01 Access and interpret product information

D2.TCS.CL5.06 Coordinate marketing activities

D2.TCS.CL5.07 Coordinate production of brochures and marketing materials

D2.TTA.CL2.13 Operate a computerised reservation system

D2.TRM.CL9.16 Manage and maintain an operational computer system

D2.TGA.CL6.02 Design computer documents, reports, and worksheets

D2.TTA.CL6.07 Operate an automated information system

D2.TGA.CL6.05 Manage, control and order stock

D2.TTA.CL2.16 Prepare and submit quotations

D2.TRM.CL9.15 Manage and maintain effective workplace relations

D2.TCS.CL5.03 Membangun dan memelihara pendekatan tim untuk pelayanan

D2.TRM.CL9.17 Monitor work operations

D2.TRM.CL9.17 Monitor work operations

D2.TRD.CL8.02 Coach others in job skills

D2.TRM.CL9.22 Roster staff

D2.TGA.CL6.06 Minimize theft

D2.TT0.CL4.19 Provide first aid

D2.LAN.CL10.05 Read and write English at an advanced level